We diagnose your symptons, explain to you why you have developed the problem and what we can do to ease your pain and prevent further episodes. Listed below are some of the more common injuries that are treated at our clinic.


Back Pain during Pregnancy

Many women suffer from spinal pain during and after pregnancy. This is largely due to the added weight and uneven distribution causing strains on the spine. This is made worse in the last trimester where the hormone "elastin" increases in the women's body in order to allow the body to become more elastic for the approaching birth. This along with the larger weight and displacement of this weight places large strain on the spine.

Medications for pain can not be offered due to baby but there is relief. Our professionals have a great knowledge of non-invasive pain reducing techniques and supports.

It does not stop after birth as the new growing baby will have to be carried, fed and bathed, etc. on a very out of condition mother. Most mothers don't know how or where to go to get a modified and specific rehabilitation programme to tone up, take the strain of being a mum and all the physical and psychological duties that it involves.