We diagnose your symptons, explain to you why you have developed the problem and what we can do to ease your pain and prevent further episodes. Listed below are some of the more common injuries that are treated at our clinic.


Rehabilitation, Pre & Post Surgery

Nearly all musculoskeletal surgery and pregnancy would benefit from some form of rehabilitation. This may be just advice regarding what to do and not do at the various stages of recovery. Other procedures may need more intensive guidance and physical involvement by the clinician.
Many people unfortunately are not always offered some form of rehabilitation pre and/or post surgery. There are quite often concerns before many surgical procedures that can be significantly reduced by reassurance from experienced clinicians.

Rehabilitation also involves planning a detailed stage by stage programme that facilitates the healing times of certain conditions to optimise recovery time. There may be many variables which influence the healing. For example age, diabetes, type of work, potential for strains, pre-surgery weakness and many many more. These have to be accommodated and monitored to ensure there are minimal setbacks or complications.