We diagnose your symptons, explain to you why you have developed the problem and what we can do to ease your pain and prevent further episodes. Listed below are some of the more common injuries that are treated at our clinic.


RSI (overuse) Injuries

Most people have heard of RSI or Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD). It covers many different types of soft tissue injury including carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Usually caused by a mixture of bad ergonomics, poor posture, stress, and repetitive movements.

Treatment is to address the mixture of causes and give advice on how to overcome these. Also to treat the inflamed tissue. Early treatment is seriously advised as long term RSI can cause chemical changes in affected tissues which are then very difficult to change. Plus often people will compensate and put abnormal strain on other joints so you get secondary problems that can lead to a downwrd spiralling effect of injuries. For example tennis elbows from trapped nerves in the neck or back problems due to limping from a Achilles tendinitis.

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