Fees and Payments

Private Paying Customers

  • £39 for assessment and treatment.
  • Blocks of 6 for 5.
  • Private paying customers can pay by cash, cheque or card.

Insured Customers
Treatment at LeBas Clinics is recognised by all the major insurers such as BUPA, AXA PPP, Norwich Union, Cigna, HSA etc. The cost of physiotherapy treatment is therefore eligible for re-imbursement subject to the terms and conditions of your medical insurance policy. To make the administrative process for insured customers as smooth and hassle free as possible, we are able to invoice insurers directly for the cost of treatment.

To enable us to invoice your insurer directly, we would be grateful if you could ensure that the following infromation is made available to us:
Name of Medical Insurer
Membership or Policy Reference Number
Pre-authorisation number.

You should check with your medical insurer prior to your appointment that your treatment costs are eligible for re-imbursement in accordance with your medical insurance policy. It is at this point that your insurer will typically provide a pre-authorisation number confirming that your treatment costs will be covered. For patients covered by AXA PPP, Cigna, HSA there maybe a small excess payable to meet the full cost of treatment which is payable at reception. Please note that a small transaction charge may be passed to your insurer to cover the cost of administering direct settlement arrangements. The charge may vary according to insurer.

Notice of Cancellation
Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, or we may charge the full rate. Should you have any queries regarding payment or insurance cover for treatment, please do not hesitate to ask LeBas Clinics - Administration on 01438 317037 who are only too happy to assist you with your query.